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Alexander Technique

What is The Alexander Technique?

In order to function well, we need a certain amount of muscle tension. Unfortunately, because of the stress of daily living, many of us have lost the ability to distinguish what is an appropriate amount. Unconsciously, we exert more effort than we need to. This tension then interferes with our body’s natural co-ordination. This is one reason why we experience chronic and acute pain, stress, migraines or generally poor equilibrium.

The Alexander Technique can help us to gain a totally new awareness of unnecessary muscle tension and show us how to reduce it. As a result, a new alignment of the head, neck and spine will naturally emerge, bringing with it enhanced qualities of balance, co-ordination, confidence and stamina, alongside feelings of well being.

In the lessons, you, the pupil, will gradually learn new insights into your postural habits and how to become more aware of your body’s reactions. The human body is a magnificent and complex piece of design. You will learn how to listen to it and the messages it has for you. You will learn how to move and function with new relaxation, poise and confidence.

People vary in the amount of time they take to incorporate the many subtle adjustments which they have learnt into their daily lives. The goal of the Alexander Technique is to rediscover how you best operate with minimum effort to maximum effect.

In short, you can have a brand new experience of something with which you are completely familiar – yourself.

Cost per session: £45 (60 min)

Alexander Technique Practitioner: Alan Massey

Learn more about Alan Massey here