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Bowen Technique

What is the Bowen Technique?

The Bowen Technique is a series of gentle moves on the skin that stimulates the body’s natural responses to bring about self-healing from both physical and emotional issues.

Bowen encourages the body to re-balance and realign without putting it under undue pressure. Rather than working on one specific area, Bowen treats the body as a whole and the treatment creates deep, long lasting healing.

What may Bowen be useful for?

Bowen is unlike any other therapy that is currently available. It is suitable for people of all ages; safe enough for young babies and equally ideal for older people with degenerative problems. People with chronic illnesses can receive Bowen safely and without side effects.

What happens during a Bowen treatment?

Imagine you are lying face down on a treatment table. You can feel tiny, little movements being applied to your body. The sensations that you are aware of involve very little pressure, and are delicate and gentle, but your body is becoming warmer. You can still feel the therapist’s hands although she has now left the room. These breaks, where the therapist is not in constant contact with your body, are a normal and effective part of the treatment.

After an interval of a few minutes the therapist returns and carries on working; the parts being worked on seem random, and the contact continues to be minimal but there is definitely a pattern. The moves over the body are best described as tiny stretching sensations that feel like somebody is gently rolling your skin and testing the elasticity, not unlike a rubber band being gradually stretched and then released.

No element of this treatment is painful but it is nonetheless causing a series of reactions in the body. Sometimes you are aware that heat has blossomed in your back and has been accompanied by a light tingling sensation and a feeling of lightness in your body.

This therapy is definitely relaxing, and you are tempted to doze as the therapist works and after a while you are asked to turn over and lie face up. The pattern then resumes.

Although the healing process starts immediately changes can take time depending on the tensions throughout the body. 

Cost per session: £45 (60 min)

Bowen Technique Practitioner: Debra Redpath

Learn more about Debra Redpath here