Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese bodywork therapy that supports and strengthens the body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself. Like Acupuncture, Shiatsu works on rebalancing the flow of Chi, Ki or life energy that flows through the body in specific channels or meridians. Shiatsu uses gentle thumb pressure, palming and manipulative techniques to adjust the body’s physical structure and balance its energy flow.

According to Western medicine, Shiatsu works by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system to calm and relax the body.

When we feel well and in good health our Chi, Ki or life force energy flows smoothly along energy channels or pathways known as meridians. But when the body is weakened by lifestyle, emotional stress or injury, our Ki no longer flows smoothly causing physical discomfort ranging from mild to severe pain, as well as emotional or mental imbalance.

Shiatsu aims to treat the root of any health problem by balancing the flow of energy through the body. It can be safely used during pregnancy and childbirth as it is deeply relaxing.

Shiatsu and Energy Field Healing are two halves of a whole healing system that works with the Ki inside and outside the body. 

Sessions take place in a warm, safe space where you remain fully clothed while your whole body is treated, bringing a sense of deep relaxation and wellbeing that supports your body’s own self healing. No oils are used.

Each session is tailored to your individual needs as a full medical diagnosis is given before the start of your session. I work with you to support, nourish and engage intuitively, addressing what is causing your ill health, not just treating the symptoms. My treatments support and complement any western medical treatment you may be having.

There will be an opportunity to discuss possible changes to lifestyle, exercise and diet as well as the chance to learn relaxation and other self-help techniques that you can practise at home.

Shiatsu can help with a number of symptoms such as stress, anxiety, depression, low energy, headaches, migraines, joint pain, infertility.

30 minute introductory taster session £15
£80 for 90 minutes
£50 for 1 hour
£35 for 30 minutes

Block Booking offers
4 sessions package – £170 a saving of £30
Purchase a block of 4 60 minute Shiatsu sessions and save £30. 

5 sessions package – £200 get one FREE
Purchase a block of 5 60 minute Shiatsu sessions and get one session FREE

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