Tsuboki Japanese Foot Massage

Based on the principles of reflexology, TSUBOKI Japanese Foot Massage is a way of reaching the whole body through the feet. Like Shiatsu, it is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and works on the meridians that run through the body.

By massaging the acupressure points it allows the energy to flow freely helping to restore any
energy blockages that if left stagnant may lead to ill health.

Health benefits of foot massage

Our feet are our foundation, if our feet hurt this can cause problems with posture and how we walk.

If our feet are in good shape then we will be too. The meridians that run through the feet reach to almost
the whole body which means we are affecting the whole energy system.

What happens in a treatment

Your treatment takes place on a comfortable couch in a warm and relaxing environment.

Please make sure your feet are clean before your massage.

• The massage begins without oil or lotion to warm up the feet and lower legs to help relax and stimulate the nerves that affect different parts of the body.
• Lotion is then used to relax you even more. Sarah will then work more deeply to increase circulation, to tone and relax all muscles of your feet. The lotion moisturises the skin of your feet, which can get quite dry and cracked.
• Pressing tsubos on the meridians of the foot encourages the flow of chi energy through the meridians. Each tsubo has its own specific benefits, but the aim of this massage is to balance the overall energy
• At the end of your session you feel relaxed, energised and fully grounded.

Cost per session: £45 (45 Minutes)

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