Remedial & Deep Tissue / Sports
This type of massage offers therapeutic deep tissue treatment tailored to your specific needs.  The aim is to reduce aches and pain, often due to muscle spasm, and thus improve mobility.  A remedial treatment usually consists of the application of different soft tissue techniques combined with mobilisations.  Remedial Massage tends to focus on specific problem areas, such as frozen shoulder or tennis elbow, for example.

Deep Tissue massage is a holistic therapy; it addresses the whole body working with the deeper underlying tissues, usually with strong pressure.

Various techniques are used in Sports & Remedial Massage, including Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release. 

Cost per session: £45 (60 mins) Practitioners: Megan Urquhart, Tana Kell £50 (60 mins)

Swedish Massage is a relaxing treatment involving the use of touch and manipulation of muscles to help treat the person as a whole.  It can improve general wellbeing, as well as being beneficial for a range of ailments including stress, muscle tension, insomnia and migraines.

Cost per session: £45 (60 mins) Practitioners: Megan Urquhart, Atilla Turgut

Aromatherapy is a therapeutic massage using essential oils, which enter the bloodstream through the skin (or lungs) and are carried around the body where they deliver their healing benefits. Aromatherapy is one of the most popular of all complementary therapies, and one of the most pleasant ways to de-stress, therefore assisting the body’s natural ability to balance, heal and maintain itself.

Cost per session: £45 (60 mins) Practitioners: Megan Urquhart,

Indian Head Massage
Based on the ancient principles of Ayurveda, Indian Head Massage relaxes, stimulates and relieves tension around the neck, shoulders and head, relieving headaches, nervous tension, neck pain and stress.

Cost per session: £45 (60 mins) Practitioner: Megan Urquhart

Holistic Massage
Integrating a combination of techniques including massage therapy, acupressure and energy work (reiki), each therapy session is tailored based on clients’ individual needs.

Cost per session: £45 (60 mins) Practitioner: Atilla Turgut

Traditional Thai Massage
Thai massage is a holistic therapy, which penetrates throughout the entire body. Even if you have no specific health problems it will help to relieve tension, boost mental and physical performance, release toxins and waste materials, invigorate the whole system and generally increase vitality. The therapeutic effects include improved blood circulation, better posture, better flexibility of joints and muscles, and an increased range of movement.

Cost per session: £50 (60 mins). Practitioner: Tana Kell

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