Hypnotherapy is a safe, effective and long-lasting way of making positive changes. It involves the therapist encouraging the client to enter a state of deep relaxation or trance, and then delivering suggestions directly to the subconscious mind. As the conscious mind is bypassed, the therapy works much more quickly than other therapies which involve the conscious mind’s filtering and analytical functions.

Trance is a naturally-occurring state which we all experience as we drift off to sleep or when we are waking up, or when we are absorbed in a hobby or in a book. During hypnotherapy, the client is in full control and can bring themselves out of the trance whenever they wish.

Cost per session:

Initial appointment: £55 (60 mins).  This appointment will be an opportunity for the client to discuss their issues and needs and will enable us to begin to make a treatment plan together.

Follow-up appointments: £70 (60 mins).  Follow up appointments will consist of a brief chat about how the client’s situation is progressing and then a session of tailored hypnosis, lasting approximately 40-45 minutes.  A personalised hypnotherapy recording will be provided for the client to listen to in between appointments to increase the effectiveness of the therapy. 

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