Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine

What is Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine?
Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine (NLM) is an individualised, patient-centred approach to healthcare which promotes long term wellbeing by addressing the root cause of chronic ill health.

Wendy Urwin, a Registered Nutrition Practitioner, will carry-out a detailed assessment of your health status taking into consideration nutritional, genetic, microbiological, lifestyle and environmental factors that influence the function of the body systems and identify imbalances that underlie and mediate progression of disease.

Blood, stool, breath, saliva or genetic tests may be used to aid your assessment. Functional tests differ from medical tests in that they identify abnormalities or imbalances which precede or underlie disease. (Medical tests are diagnostic, used to identify and treat acute or life-threatening diseases, usually with pharmaceuticals.)

NLM restores whole-body health and wellbeing by gently supporting healing from the inside out. You will be encouraged to engage in a therapeutic partnership, understanding the cause of your problems so you are motivated to make life changes that bring about long term health.

Consultation Fees:
More than one consultation will be required to understand and address chronic health concerns which have developed over a number of years; packages offer better value and improve outcome for clients. You can upgrade your package, add-on tests or extra consultations if required, however, once a package has started it is non-refundable.
‘Pay as you go’ consultations are also available.

Note that the consultations below display face to face contact time (e.g. Initial – 90 mins) but the fee also reflects extensive non-contact time analysing and researching your case.

Free discovery calls are available to discuss how Wendy Urwin can help you

Healing Health Package 

3-month package to bring relief from IBS and gut related health problems – tests available as an add-on.

90 min initial consultation to explore your symptoms and health history in detail

120 mins further consultation contact time

Personalised nutritional & lifestyle protocol to address your health complaints

Specialist supplement & test recommendations, as appropriate

Review of recommendations & protocol updates

Range of functional tests available as an add-on (test fee not included)

Fee of £345

Pay As You Go Consultations

All new clients must start with an Initial Consultation (PAYG includes £15 booking fee).

Initial Consultation
90 Minutes

Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner: Wendy Urwin

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